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Just Female

Just Female started back in December 2006 with one main goal: clean lines and raw details. Coming out of Copenhagen, Denmark this line remains true to their unique and edgy roots keeping their pieces clean, raw, and textured. These truly Scandinavian pieces come from the work of designer Penille Andersen and owners Preben Laust and Steen Holtermann. Keeping their minimalistic aesthetic is no challenge as these pieces are modern but with a classic twist. Recently introduced to the American market, Research and Development houses the line here in the United States.

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Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool is a project about getting dressed.   The collection is about space or ideas and often features an accessory or two, a shoe here or a bag there.  The Barcelona based line gained recognition with the help of a strong instagram following, is purely creative in photography as well as in limited edition collections centered around artist collaborations.   Paloma Wool is proudly made in it's native Spain.

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The brand Rita Row, established in 2013 in Spain, strives to make their production as ethical as possible.  The essence of the line cultivates the relaxed and comfortable lifestyle of the Mediterranean and designed to be worn "alldaylong".  All garments are made in Spain using either Italian or Spanish fabrics.  This allows the designers to have great quality control yet prices are able to be kept at an accessible pricepoint.  Rita's universe has been defined on occasion as "comfortable and beautiful, oversized and sexy".  The brand is a full collection, including a small swim group and even had a few footwear styles.

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Eve Gravel

Founded in Montreal, Eve Gravel has been in the fashion industry for over 15 years.  The company is known for it's timeless design featuring unique details and casual femininity that leave room for self-expression.  Each collection is packed with versatility, from everyday essentials to statement pieces that can fit into any lifestyle.  each piece is ethically and locally made using thoughtfully chosen fabrics, prints designed in-house, and high quality local craftsmanship.  



Beautiful and quality. Two of the many words to describe this knitwear and sweater line based in LA. Michelle Callahan knew her passion called for unique textures, weaves and yarns coming together in this amazing line. Growing up in a creative and entrepreneurial environment, she got her Bachelor's in Apparel and Textile Design from CSULB but gained most of her experience from working as a buyer for Trina Turk. True fans of Callahan include of some of the most-followed fashion bloggers.

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Started in 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, Teoh & Lea has a young, motivated design team behind it with more than a decade of experience, including a former knit designer from Roberto Cavalli. The extensive collection creates casual garments with rich fabrics and textures and chooses to work with natural materials. With a focus on knitwear, the line is created for the modern, urban, and independent woman, one who dreams and who cares about natural beauty.